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Locking Castle Church

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Thy Kingdom Come Day 11

31st May

How to take part

  1. Commit to praying every day.
  2. Text Emily 07905 516624, the first name of the 5 people you’re praying for. Click on the word cloud to see who we are praying for.
  3. See the valuable resources for each day below.
  4. Immerse yourself in prayer for an hour each day.


Prayer for the day

Pentecost Prayers from the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Lord God, as once your Holy presence filled the temple, 

on Pentecost we thank you that your Holy Spirit 

now fills your people the Church.

Fill each of us with your Spirit 

that our lives are daily transformed 

from one degree of glory to another.

Ignite in us a passion to seek your will, 

a desire to know your word, and a readiness to respond.

So fill us with your Spirit 

that our lives cannot help breathe out your praise.

Make your Church a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Where there is injustice, 

make your church a royal priesthood and a holy nation.

Where there is violence, 

make your church an ambassador for Christ.

Where there is greed, hatred or pride, 

grant your church a truly prophetic voice.

Fill your people with your Holy Spirit, 

that we might be a holy presence in your world.

Spirit of Truth – Guide us in your ways

Spirit of Freedom -Release our hearts and imaginations

Spirit of Wisdom -Inhabit our thoughts and conversations

Spirit of Healing – Restore and anoint us for your service

Spirit of Forgiveness – Pour out your grace upon us

Spirit of Hope – Open us to new possibilities

Spirit of Power – Accomplish your purpose through us

Spirit of Unity – Bind us in love and common endeavour

Spirit of Life – Inspire and enable us to fulfil your calling

Spirit of Christ – Mould us in your likeness

In the Name of Christ we pray. 


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