Locking Castle Church
Locking Castle Church

We have reopened our building on a limited basis to maintain a Covid-secure environment. Please email office@lockingcastlechurch.org if you would like to book a place for a 9:15am service, or please do join us for our live stream service at 10:30am on Facebook this Sunday.


Wellbeing Workshops

Sessions start on Thursday 24th September at 2pm for 10 weeks.

Please book in via the contact details below to help manage numbers, thank you.

 If you have been struggling or feeling low, finding it hard to sleep, think your anxiety or stress levels may be higher than you’d like them to be, if you feel more distracted or forgetful or it’s hard to concentrate and make decisions, maybe you sometimes feel overwhelmed - if there is anything in you that says ‘life is not all that it could be’, then do come along.

For me some of those have applied more so during this pandemic. We’ll learn about some of the effects lockdown has on us, and how to mitigate that.

We will look at the biblical wisdom and scientific research to what helps our wellbeing, you’ll be able to assess how you are, in body mind and spirit, and explore how to improve your wellbeing. It will be a safe space to regain confidence and renewal, and you’ll have the knowledge to be able to maintain that good level of wellbeing.

Prayer ministry and 1 to 1 sessions will be available outside of the workshop time, for those who wish.

So let me warmly invite you to contact me to book in, I look forward to seeing you there. God bless.

Session 1 Video Introduction:

Emily Cumberbatch,
Pastoral Assistant,
07905 516624

Locking Castle Church, Weston-super-Mare Locking Castle Church, Weston-super-Mare Locking Castle Church, Weston-super-Mare Locking Castle Church, Weston-super-Mare