Alpha  Over 20 million people have been on Alpha - it's great fun, friendly and free.

Each week there is a free meal followed by a 20 minute talk or a video on an aspect of faith. Then we split into groups of 6-8 to talk things through. Everyone’s opinions are welcomed. Nobody preaches at you. It’s totally voluntary and totally free.

‘30 months ago I came to my first Alpha. I learned so much and now help to run it! I look forward to meeting you if you can join us.’  (Paul Gill, May 2017)

No question is too simple and you are completely free to express yourself or remain silent if you prefer. Everyone is welcome and it’s free to attend with no strings attached.

Come for the launch and see what you think!

Tuesdays at 7pm at Locking Castle Church

For more information please text Paul on 07921 268369 or contact Wendy, the Alpha Administrator at or on 07949 311729
or you can register online here, or call the office on 01934 519888 for more information.


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