Life Groups


Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of the LCC family. They are smaller gatherings of people meeting weekly at various times and in various homes and venues in the local area, helping one another to grow in faith and friendship. Each life group is a little bit different, but all share the same aim - to provide a space where each member is truly known, deeply loved and radically challenged to follow the way of Jesus in serving others. Life groups will pray and study the bible together, often discussing issues raised during the Sunday sermon series. Life groups will often eat together and sometimes do mission together or serve as part of a church team.

Who can join a Life group?

Anyone is welcome to join a Life group – in fact being part of a Life group is one of the marks of membership at LCC.

How can I find one to join?

Have a look at the details in this leaflet and contact the life group leaders or contact Jacqui Keir-Bucknall to help get you connected.

For a full list of current life groups and contact details please click here.