Locking Castle Church
Locking Castle Church

We have reopened our building on a limited basis to maintain a Covid-secure environment. Please email office@lockingcastlechurch.org if you would like to book a place for a 9:15am service, or please do join us for our live stream service at 10:30am on Facebook this Sunday.


Baptism usually takes place in your local parish church. If you live outside Locking Castle / Weston Village, you normally need to contact the church of the parish in which you live (we can help with details, should you need them). At Locking Castle Church we baptise both adults and children.

The baptism service involves a strong commitment to the Christian faith and the making of several Christian promises, including the commitment to attend worship services. Therefore, baptism is suitable for those families who are already practising Christians or who wish to make a fresh commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Can I give thanks for my child in another way?

As an alternative, we can offer a thanksgiving service in which you can give thanks to God for the birth of your child and celebrate their new life. This service is similar to a baptism service in that prayers are offered to God and you can choose people to support your child, but this service does not require any prior Christian commitment or the making of Christian promises that you feel you cannot keep. Thanksgiving does not stop you having your child baptised at a later date. Some people choose a thanksgiving service for their child rather than a baptism so that the child can choose to follow Jesus Christ for him or herself when they are older.

When do services take place?

Baptism and thanksgiving services take place during a Sunday morning worship service at 10.30am by arrangement with the minister. They are usually booked a few months in advance. The baptism or thanksgiving Service is part of a Sunday service, which would last for about seventy-five minutes, and would include music, prayers, readings and a sermon as well as the baptism/thanksgiving service itself. There is no charge for the baptism or thanksgiving service.

What must I do to book a baptism or thanksgiving?

If you are interested in baptism or thanksgiving please contact the church office and we will arrange a time to meet you at your home to discuss which option is best for you. During this visit, we will ask about your reasons for wanting a baptism or thanksgiving and will discuss with you the commitment needed with either baptism or thanksgiving. We will normally set a date and fill out the appropriate form with you. The visit will last about an hour.

To enquire about Baptism and Thanksgiving services, please email Debbie Van Der Watt, our occasional offices coordinator at lccoccasions@gmail.com (Please note Debbie is in the office on Wednesday mornings). For urgent enquiries please text Debbie on 07787 153068

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