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Locking Castle Church

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25.09.2022 Life on the frontline: The frontline Concern

Andy Pearce continues life on the frontline sharing thoughts on Acts 3:1-10.

18.09.2022 Life on the frontline: The frontline Community

Clare Cleave continues life on the frontline sharing thoughts on Colossians 3:12-17.

11.09.2022 Life on the frontline: The frontline Commission

Tom Yacomeni continues life on the frontline sharing thoughts on Jeremiah 29:4-14.

04.09.2022 Life on the frontline: The frontline call

Tom Yacomeni begins a new series life on the frontline beginning with The Great Commission in Matthew 28.

28.08.2022 Origins: Building the House of God

Kenya Brian (Humphries) Talks from Genesis 35:1-15, about Jacob, renamed to Israel.

21.08.2022 Origins: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Fiona Mayne Talks from Genesis 33:1-11, about Jacob and Esau reconciling

14.08.2022 Origins: Fight of Faith

Andy Butcher Talks from Genesis 32:22-32, about Jacob and his Fight of Faith

07.08.2022 Origins: Jacob’s Ladder.

Andy talks from Genesis 28:10–22, about how Jacob had an unexpected encounter with God.

31.7.2022 Origins: Jacob and Esau.

Mark talks from Genesis 25:21-34, about how Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew.

24.7.2022 Origins: Prayer from the heart.

Andy talks from Genesis 24:34-51 & 66-67, about how Abraham found a wife for Isaac.

17.7.2022 Origins: Abraham tested.

Katherine talks from Genesis 22:1-14, about how Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac.

10.7.2022 Origins: Abraham pleads for Sodom. Crying out for Justice.

Fiona talks from Genesis 18:16-33, about how Abraham intercedes with God to save Sodom.

03.7.2022 Origins: The Three Visitors – Taking God at His Word.

Dan talks from Genesis 18:1-15, about the three visitors who visited Abraham and Sarah and confirmed the promise of an heir.

26.6.2022 Origins: God’s Covenant with Abram – Righteousness through faith.

Andy talks from Genesis 15:1-21, all about God’s covenant with Abram and all the strange imagery of this passage.

12.6.2022 Origins: Call of Abram – Stepping out in Faith.

Angie talks from Genesis 12:1-9, all about the call of Abram and how God blesses him.

12.6.2022 Origins: Tower of Babel – Pride and Progress.

Cathy talks from Genesis 11:1-9, on the Tower of Babel and how God wants us to go his way rather than our own way.

05.6.2022 Origins: Covenant – God’s promise to us

Tom talks from Genesis 8:11-17, 9:1-16 on the theme of Covenant running throughout the Bible and how Noah’s covenant reflects God’s faithfulness to us.

29.5.2022 Origins: Saved from the flood

Emily shares from Genesis 7: 1-24 on the story of the flood and its theological significance for us today.

22.5.2022 Origins: Restless Wanderers

Andy and Joe discuss Genesis 4: 1-16 and try to solve the case of the first murder in the Bible.

15.5.2022 Origins: Satan’s deceit

Tom shares from Genesis 3 about the fall and Satan’s deceptive tactics.

8.5.2022 Origins: Made in the image of God

Andy Butcher shares from Genesis 1: 24 – 2:3 Adam and Eve and how we are created in the image of our maker.

1.5.2022 Origins: In the beginning, God

Tom launches a new sermon series called ‘Origins’, studying Genesis and the foundations of Christian faith.

24.4.2022 Cross generational devotion

Andy speaks on what it means to lead a devoted life that cares for successive generations based on The Shema: ”Hear O Israel…’ Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Previous talk series

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Lent sermon series ‘Unhurried’

The heart of Christmas

Journey to the heart of Christmas based on readings from Luke

Living Hope

A series on 1 Peter focussing on Jesus, the source of our faith, hope and love

Coming back to the heart…

The post-exilic books of Ezra, Haggai and Zechariah

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Great news for changing lives

Looking at the Gospel of Mark we discover the amazing power of Jesus to change lives for good.

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Courage in Captivity

12 characteristics for faithful Exiles – Lessons from the book of Daniel

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Get your gifts growing

New Testament teaching on the church, ministry and using our spiritual gifts to serve others.

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Just 10

Just 10: The Wisdom of the 10 commandments looking at God’s priorities for life and Jesus’ teaching on ethical living

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From Ruin to Renewal

The story of Ruth whose faithful devotion during hard times paved the way for the renewal and redemption of a nation

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Testing times

Looking at Matthew’s Gospel to see how Jesus responded to moments of test and challenge during his life and ministry.

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