Locking Castle Church
Locking Castle Church

From September bookings will no longer be required, as we steadily increase capacity for 10.30am services with Kids church restarting on Sunday 5th. 9am communions will remain socially distanced with masks on for singing and moving around the building. You can still join us online every Sunday at 10.30am via Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you!


Coming back to the heart...

The post-exilic books of Ezra, Haggai and Zechariah.

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Get your priorities right - Haggai 1

Jacqui shares from Haggai about the need to get our priorities right before the Lord after such a disruptive time and the steps we can take to actually do that.

The joy and pain of change - Ezra 3

Andrew Alden shares from Ezra about how to rebuild a heathy community, where joy and pain are expressed as a part of authentic worship

Coming back to the heart - Ezra 1

Like exiles returning to the promised land it is time for us to reset, renew and rebuild - but with God's priorities, not just ours.

Great news for changing lives.

Mark's Gospel for everyone today.

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Pursuing purity: Mark 9

Paul Gill shares his thoughts on this passage, last in the series of the book of Mark

Overcoming unbelief: Mark 9

Brian shares how Jesus challenges us to reject unbelief, but nevertheless is gracious towards our defective levels of faith.

Who do you say I am? Simon Guillebaud

Simon exhorts us to live lives sold out for Jesus

God's values and ours: Avoid the Yeast of the Pharisees! Mark 8

Andy shares from Mark 8 about things we should avoid to not be hypocritical Christians

Rebuild and Restore: A Word for LCC

Tom shares a word for the church as we emerge from the pandemic from 2 Chronicles 26 - King Uzziah

God's values and ours - Mark 7:1-23

Andy shares from Mark 7 about the priority of the heart over rituals and outward appearances

Go and see what God does! - Mark 6:30-56

Simon shares from the story of the feeding of the 5000 about our need for rest, along with compassion and faith.

Avoid foolish promises - Mark 6:14-29

Ellie discusses the story of the death of John the Baptist and Herod's foolish promises in Mark 6.

Avoid foolish promises - Mark 6:14-29

Peter discusses the story of the death of John the Baptist and Herod's foolish promises in Mark 6.

The offense of Jesus - Mark 6:1-13

We can either cultivate faith or constrain it by our words and attitudes. Tom shares from the story of Jesus visiting his hometown how we can build an atmosphere of expectancy and release the miraculous.

Don't give up - Mark 5:23-43

Nathanael shares from the story of 2 women in Mark 6 whose powerful healings challenge us to think outside our experience and preconceptions.

Surviving the storm - Mark 4:25-5:20

Tom talks from Mark 4 and 5 about Jesus' demonstrations of the Kingdom of God and resilience in the face of storms and spiritual battles.

What's the Kingdom like? - Mark 4:21-34

Alison unpacks Jesus' descriptions of the way the God's Kingdom grows and brings light and life to everyone from Mark chapter 4.

How to live a fruitful life - Mark 4:1-20

Caroline Deakin describes our mission in terms of the parable of the sower in Mark 4 and issues an invitation to join the team at St. Peter's Milton

Power to change - Acts 2:1-21 (Pentecost)

Taking a one week break from our series to celebrate Pentecost, Andy talks about the power of the Holy Spirit's coming and the birthday of the church.

Sent to serve - Mark 3:7-19

Cathy Bond shares practical advice for making disciples (Includes Paul Gill's experiences of the ACORN method of asking the Lord to highlight one person each day that he wants us to encourage towards Jesus)

Relationship not rules - Mark 2:18-3:6

Andy Watts unpacks Jesus' clashes with the Pharisees over fasting and sabbath rules and asks whether we prioritise our relationship with God over routines and rituals.

Help for the helpless - Mark 2:1-17

Tom unpacks two life-changing encounters with Jesus described in Mark 2 and asks 'What is your trajectory?'

Prayer - Key to revival - Mark 1:29-45

Andy looks at some of the different ways we can connect with the presence of God in prayer.

A new mission - Mark 1:16-28

Emily Cumberbatch looks at how we can fulfil our calling to be God's fishers of people.

Time for change - Mark 1:1-15

Simon Holloway speaks from the opening chapter of Mark looking at how we can prepare ourselves for the time of change that is upon us.

Great news for Easter - Mark 16:1-8

Tom launches the series 'Great News for changing lives' with the Easter resurrection in Mark 16.

Palm Sunday

Andy teaches about the background to Jesus' triumphal entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday from Mark 11

Previous talk series

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Courage in Captivity

12 characteristics for faithful Exiles - Lessons from the book of Daniel

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Get your gifts growing

New Testament teaching on the church, ministry and using our spiritual gifts to serve others.

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Just 10

Just 10: The Wisdom of the 10 commandments looking at God’s priorities for life and Jesus’ teaching on ethical living

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From Ruin to Renewal

The story of Ruth whose faithful devotion during hard times paved the way for the renewal and redemption of a nation

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Testing times

Looking at Matthew's Gospel to see how Jesus responded to moments of test and challenge during his life and ministry.

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