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Talk Series: Coming back to the heart

The Post-exilic books of Ezra, Haggai and Zechariah

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Peace for all – Zechariah 9

Cathy shares her experiences of being a military mum and the peace that Jesus brings.

Prayer for all – Zechariah 8

Tom shares about Zechariah’s vision for all nations to come seeking the Lord and a dream of LCC being like a lake that needs refilling

Justice for all – Zechariah 7

Emily Cumberbatch shares about the true compassion and justice that characterises a loving relationship with God.

Holy Spirit for all – Zechariah 4

Andy Pearce shares from Zechariah about the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s not by our might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord

Forgiveness for all – Zechariah 3

Dave Hopwood shares from Zechariah about the power of forgiveness and being cleansed from ‘the graffiti on our hearts.’

Security for all – Zechariah 2

Tom shares from Zechariah 2 about God’s bigger vision for humanity – including the security of the nations. (Harvest / Green Sunday)

Returning to blessing – Zechariah 1

Gary Woodall, regional Baptist minister shares from Zechariah about God’s promise after exile: ‘Return to me, and I will return to you’.

Don’t give up! – Haggai 2

Andy shares about the dangers of comparing ourselves to others when God knows our potential and destiny, continuing the series ‘Coming back to the heart’ preaching on Haggai 2:1-9.

Get your priorities right – Haggai 1

Jacqui shares from Haggai about the need to get our priorities right before the Lord after such a disruptive time and the steps we can take to actually do that.

The joy and pain of change – Ezra 3

Andrew Alden shares from Ezra about how to rebuild a heathy community, where joy and pain are expressed as a part of authentic worship

Coming back to the heart – Ezra 1

Like exiles returning to the promised land it is time for us to reset, renew and rebuild – but with God’s priorities, not just ours.

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