Locking Castle Church
Locking Castle Church

Good news! We are now running in-person and online services. Book your place up to 6 weeks in advance via our RSVP page or join us online on Sunday at 10.30am via Facebook   Foodbank provision is now via deliveries only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Wednesday Zoom Prayers: Join our zoom meeting 2 pm every Wednesday for Prayers. If you would like to join email Katherine office@lockingcastlechurch.org for the zoom joining instructions.

24 Hour Prayer for Lent 2021

Click here to sign up for a slot.

24 Hour Prayer will be during the first weekend in Lent with an unbroken chain of 24 hours of prayer running from 12noon on Friday 19th February to 12noon on Saturday 20th Feb. Prayer is a vital part of our preparations for the time of Lent and for Easter, and its great to do this together as a praying community - it helps our sense of unity and commitment to God and to one another, and in this time of worshipping and praying separately, passing on the baton of prayer can help unify us as a church community.

Click the the sign-up link and start thinking now about making time to pray, and ask God how much time He would like to spend with you during 24Hour Prayer, it can often provoke a great response. God wants to talk! 

Check out the prayer resources below including brilliant video clips by people at LCC from a previous Prayer relay.

In addition to the chain of prayer, the following day on Sunday 21st Feb there will be an afternoon of Emmaus walks. We'll start by meeting altogether on zoom at 12:30pm to pray as a group, then walk with a partner friend or household, then later that afternoon meet back again on zoom at 3:30pm to share. You can walk wherever you wish within Coronavirus guidelines, but maybe consider as in the Emmaus Road story in Luke 24:13-35 using the first half of the walk to talk about things of God and praying or worshipping, and the second half to be quietly reflective, listen to the Lord, God wants to talk! The disciples described their experience with the risen Jesus "Weren't our hearts burning within us while He talked with us?"

Email emily for further details on emily.pastoral@gmail.com

We hope that everyone who takes part will:

Inspiring prayer resources
from Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Day 1 Thursday 21st May

Video: Jill Lyons
Prayer: Northumbrian Community

Day 2 Friday 22nd May

Video: Jacqui Keir-Bucknall
Prayer: Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

Day 3 Saturday 23rd May

Video: Tom Yacomeni
Prayer: John Stott
Resource: Ideas to set your self up in prayer

Day 4 Sunday 24th May

Video: Dave Manuel
Prayer: Praying Psalm 46

Day 5 Monday 25th May

Video: Bob Mitchell
Prayer: Church of England Book of Common Prayer

Day 6 Tuesday 26th May

Video: Suzanne Pearse
Prayer: Apostle Paul’s Prayer, Ephesians 3:14-21 (Message version)

Day 7 Wednesday 27th May

Video: Andy Pearce
Bonus Video: Prayer Labyrinths - Bob Mitchell
Prayer: Methodist Covenant Prayer

Day 8 Thursday 28th May

Video: Katherine Hollis
Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come Novena

Day 9 Friday 29th May

Video: Jennifer Bute
Bonus Video: The Vision, 24-7 prayer
Prayer: The Locking Deanery Prayer

Day 10 Saturday 30th May

Video: Estelle Hawkins
Prayer: 24 hour Pentecost Prayer

Day 11 Sunday 31st May

Video: Simon Holloway
Prayer: Pentecost Prayers from the Baptist Union of Great Britain

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